Kiln Dried Firewood For Sale

More Heat - Less Wood

firewood for sale

Kiln Dried Firewood For Sale

Think all cords of firewood are the same? Think again! Kiln dried firewood by ATH has countless advantages over traditional firewood. It burns hotter and longer with brighter flames. Burning kiln dried firewood means very little smoke and minimal creosote.

ATH kiln dried firewood is perfect for cooking, camping, and heating.  Its lower moisture content makes it easier to carry, and super-easy to ignite!

• Locally sourced and processed by a family owned business.

• Requires less energy to burn and produces dramatically fewer emissions.

• With no bugs, mold, mildew, insecticides, it's 100% safe to stack inside.

• We are a wholesale and retail supplier of kiln dried, seasoned, and green firewood.

With Kiln Dried Firewood by ATH, You Get More Heat With Less Wood!

firewood for sale

Seasoned and Green Firewood Available!

Why Choose Anderson For Firewood?

Family Owned - Serving Customers Since 1984

Anderson Timber Harvesting has been serving customers for almost four decades.

Firewood Experts

Our local firewood is dried to our exacting standards in our own kiln. It's our attention to detail that makes ATH firewood the best firewood!

Unmatched Service

From fast firewood cord quotes to on-time local delivery, we set the standard for firewood sales and delivery.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Most all first-time firewood customers become lifelong members of the ATH Firewood family. 

Timber Harvesting

Serving New England Since 1984

Anderson Timber is fully-licensed, insured and bonded to clear house lots, subdivisions, golf courses, roads - virtually any land needing clearing or logging. We are are a trusted company run by Forest Management Services Professionals.  

Anderson offers highly competitively priced timber removal and land clearing services. We sell firewood at a highly competitive price. We are also seasoned timber buyers and offer timber payouts that are among the highest in the area. We are experienced in wildlife habitat management and enhancement. ATH also offers biomass as well as clean, debarked hardwood or softwood chips.

While we don't offer single or select tree removals for homeowners, we do proudly serve contractors, developers and land owners with an unmatched level of professionalism. ATH has completed multiple satisfactory projects at the local, state and federal level.  

We Are
Anderson Timber!

Family owned for decades, we offer land clearing, logging & forest management services. 

Our Forestry Management Services...

Firewood / Cord Wood for Sale
Logging (15 Acre Minimum)
Land Clearing (No Minimum Acreage)
Forest Management
Wildlife Habitat Management
Wildlife Habitat Enhancement 
Cordwood Sales & Delivery
Wood Chip Sales & Delivery
Tree Buyers / Standing Timber Buyers
Biomass Energy Solutions
Debarked Hardwood or Softwood Chips

Quality Foresty Services & More!

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Why Choose the Pros at Anderson Timber?

Family Owned - Decades of Experience

Looking at logging companies? In the highly-specialized field of logging and timber harvesting, experience matters. Anderson Timber Harvesting has served our local community with integrity since 1984. 

Forestry Experts

Since 1984, we have been serving clients from our Westminster, MA office. Now in our fourth decade, we continue to serve our clients by embracing the next generations of loggers.

Professional Service

We utilize state-of-the-art efficient land clearing equipment, arrive on time, and meet completion deadlines. 

Committed to Satisfaction

From your first contact with us, to job completion, we are forestry professionals every step of the way. You can expect prompt service from us.

Because We Are All Stewards

All ATH forestry management services are delivered with our local wildlife populations in mind. We adhere to wildlife habitat best management practices as well as MA forestry BMP's. It is a privilege to work with and for our local wildlife.

At Anderson Timber, we strongly believe that we are all stewards of the environment. 

Our Google Reviews Say It All!

"Anderson Timber Harvesting did a Maintenance cut on my 113 acre parcel. They were fast, neat and professional."

"This is a family owned and operated business comprised of well-respected hardworking, seasoned professionals. Their planning and execution is flawless from start to finish. A local business well worth your consideration and hire. We are very pleased with their service."

"Professional family owned business doing stellar work!"

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When you need professional forestry or logging services, we can help.

Massachusetts Logging & Land Clearing Professionals.

Massachusetts has many reputable logging and land clearing companies. If you are looking at contracting with one of the Massachusetts logging companies or Massachusetts land clearing companies serving our area, kindly consider Anderson Timber Harvesting. Our commitment to serving our clients with integrity has made us one of the most respected Massachusetts logging companies in the area. 

We also serve solar farm and land clearing customers in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Maine.

Need New Hampshire Land Clearing? We can help!